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  • Chard

    Posted by Marilyn / on 08/29/2011 / 0 Comments

    No - this has nearly nothing to do with harps. But Margaret asked, and for all the other chard lovers out there, I had a chard revelation last night. Enjoy, while you contemplate practising...

    Cook big bunch of chard till a little underdone in salted water. Make a white sauce with roux and milk. Pack the drained chard into a baking dish with a little feta cheese, pour the white sauce over, and a little whipping cream and bake for 1/2 hour or more at low heat (like 200 F) Top with asiago or other cheese, and broil for a few ..

  • Bringing the World Harp Congress home

    Posted by Marilyn / on 08/04/2011 / 0 Comments


    Well, we're bringing as much of it as Shar and I can manage. Can't say I'm recovered yet, but I'm not in any hurry to loose the glow of all those incredible concerts.

    Meanwhile, we're busy already. Workshop for teens this week, and a concert Friday (tomorrow as I write this) to finish it all off. Sharlene mostly, and a few pieces with the kids.  Will be a happy concert for a summer eve... 7 pm. St. Peter's Anglican church, Duncan


    Hope to see you there


  • Unbelievable day!

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/29/2011 / 1 Comment

    Not to be imagined - you just couldn't!

    Personal Highlights: 9:00 am a beautiful world premier of a piece by Kevin Fox, Canadian composer, for harp and steel drum. Super.

    Four Seasons harp quartet playing a spectacular arrangement of a Mozart string quartet piece. I was transported.  Alys How and Seumas Gagne in an entire fabulous concert of Cape Breton music. As Elizabeth says "there are harpists here from all over the world, but it is the Canadians who keep hitting it out of the park!"

    And then tonight. There are no words to describe Park Stickney and Ruddiger Opperman playing ..

  • Tuesday already?

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/27/2011 / 0 Comments

    In fact, I have very few minutes before it rolls along to Wednesday...

    What an amazing and huge collection of harpists!  Today I met Patrick Ball, and ferried him round a bit for a newspaper and website interview with the province. It might be up already. He performs his Carolan show with wire harp tomorrow night.

    Harper Tasche waas here for his lecture/recital on small harps, we had 22 harps (and performers from perhaps 7 - 22 years old playing them) on stage for the Suzuki ensemble performance. Kids, I'm ready to work even harder next year! Very inspiring.

    It was ..

  • Day two

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/25/2011 / 2 Comments

    This report just in - SMASHING!

    What a wonderful day - I heard a whole host of fabulous harping and I wasn't even half the events! (that's not surprising, considering that there are often 3 things on at once)

    And remember those 40 pedal harps, and 85 performances and 5 venues? I forgot to mention the 125 performers who all want at least an hour a day practice on those harps. And the need to have them back in so tey go out to performances. The scheduling would make NASA cringe. But Suzie, Verna Lee, Bess, Maragaret, Cindy have really come ..

  • And we're off!

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/25/2011 / 0 Comments

    Hi all - completely wild and crazy day today, but a good one!

    I spent all day at the Vogue theatre, doing a tech rehearsal for the rather complicated opening ceremonies. 10 harps, an erhu, and a percussion extravaganza, a zillion lighting and sound cues, and the slideshow and narration that has been keeping me up at nights.  But it went very well indeed!!

    Two of Elizabeth's students played -and very well- as did Alys Howe, Sharlene Wallace and all the imported talent, inlcuding Bronn Journey who performed as Jack Senior, a harpist from Fort George who in the 1910's played ..

  • In Vancouver

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/22/2011 / 0 Comments

    Arrived late last night and am more or less hard at work. We stuffed bags with goodies, catalogues, maps, pencils, and the 136 page program for 835 delegates this morning, and moved harps in from around the city. There were perhaps 12 in the harp pen last I saw it, but some people had already taken some to practice on. 

    Another 25 or so arrive tomorrow!

    I've already got to meet one World Famous Harpist - it's going to be quite the week.

    Met about 25 volunteers today and we're expecting another 30 tomorrow. It's amazing how many people it ..

  • Getting ready for the Congress

    Posted by Marilyn / on 07/16/2011 / 0 Comments

    and trying out the blog feature!

    One of my students asked if I could give some updates as I went along at the congress. I've never used this part of the website, so I thought it would be a good place to begin. Hard to know if I can keep it up once we're underway, but I shall try.

    Here's what we're up to now -

    Volunteers - a few more are needed, especially of the larger pedal-harp-moving-variety! If you are one of those, you could send me a note.

    On Monday, I'm working on the volunteer schedule that has been ..


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