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After a series of pricing maneuvers by the groupsite people, I needed to move the student website back to the old platform. I've regretted having to do this - and will likely continue to do so, but having made the decision, I must press on -

If you have been a "member" of this website and not moved to the new one yet, please log on now. The new site is

Hope to see you there - Marilyn

le tren lechero

Thinking of Joesph and his family

Not my husband Joseph, but my student Joseph! His family is visiting Paraguay this summer. Nanaimo youth will remember we worked a bit on a train piece. Here is a famous one about the "the Milk Train" that used to run from Asuncion to the place where Joseph's grandmother lives.

This is a great little film and I think the pictures match the music exactly. But after you listen to it once, play it again with your eyes closed and be amazed that all that sound and idea is coming from the harp of one person!



Welcome to the Groupsite for Harp Canada Studio.

This site is a public meeting place that provides students of Harp Canada Studio with:

  1. an easily updatable calendar for schedules and special events.  Please check here often for the latest schedules, make-up lessons available, etc.
  2. student recordings from lessons or performances.
  3. sound files from the Harp Start series that you can use to practice with.

In addition there are  discussion forums,  which include instructions and info for special events, and where you can me any sort of question, member profiles, a photo gallery, file storage (that's where the recordings and extra sheet music is) and more.



(This area will display upcoming events as they approach on the calendar)



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  • your computer music player should start up.

to get a copy of a photo:

  • go the Photo Gallery, choose a gallery and then a photo
  • you'll see a button for full size, and if you like it you can right click with your mouse
  • choose "save a copy", select a location on your computer and that's it.



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